Cooline commercial AC

In 1989, Zamil Air Conditioners (ZAC) and the Number One Middle East manufacturer of air conditioning systems introduced its international brand – Cooline, to the growing world market. Today, Cooline supplies air-conditioners to more than 55 countries worldwide with major markets in GCC, Middle East, North Africa, Europe and Asia and its head-office is in Saudi Arabia.

Cooline Products include an array of air conditioners for residential, commercial and industrial use, including

  • concealed units up to 5 tons,
  • ducted splits up to 30 tons,
  • packaged units up to 80 tons,
  • single and double skin air handling units up to 70,630,000 CFM and
  • water chillers up to 550 tons

New products include High Efficiency Ratio (EER) units, which comply with the more demanding international codes and heat pump units with increased overall Coefficient of Performance (COP).

Cooline is the first brand from the Middle East to receive Eurovent for its air movement systems - a capacity/performance certification that has been made mandatory in Europe and is fast becoming a requirement in all regions.

With the addition of the state-of-the-art testing facility, Ikhtebar, a third party air conditioners testing facility built by Intertek Testing Services (ITS) and certified by Electrical Testing Labs (ETL) and accredited by the Saudi Accreditation Committee (SASO) for compliances with the international testing standards.

Cooline is the only brand in the Middle East capable of guaranteeing product performance in compliance with local and international standards. It's no surprise that in 2003, Cooline received the Best GCC Brand of the Decade Award.