Wansa products exemplify affordability, durability, reliability, efficiency and aesthetics. Being a highly respected name in the Sultanate and the middle-east, Wansa is perfectly attuned to providing a unique combination of international expertize and localised insight. Wansa offers high quality and aesthetically engineered home appliances for an easier everyday.

The Wansa air conditioners use state-of-the-art rotary compressors to deliver optimum cooling in an energy efficient manner. This means that you get more cooling per Baiza spend. Extensively tested, Wansa air conditioner compressors are silent and highly reliable.

The built-in air filter not only kills bacteria but removes dust, pollen, mould & any airborne particles. The active carbon filter eliminates odours & deactivates harmful chemical gases in the air. It also traps common household air pollutants such as dust and smoke. The sleep /economy mode lowers or raises the room temperature setting by one degree. Set the 24-hour on/off timer to turn off the unit when you are not at home & turn on before you arrive.

The Wansa refrigerators offer frost free cooling which completely removing the need for defrosting. Wansa’s optimized refrigeration system offers significant reduction in energy cost. The Wansa washing machines use state-of-the-art technology that limits the amount of water and thereby the amount of detergents used in each wash cycle. That’s three advantages in one! – Conserve water, save the environment and is light on the consumers wallet.