Miss Nothing. Experience Everything. Sharp comes to the 2014 International CES with a range of pixel-packed display technologies that allow consumers to experience every detail with captivating clarity.
This year Sharp USA unveils Quattron Pro (Quattron+ in the US), the second generation of Sharp’s unique ground-breaking four colour pixel technology, which adds an extra yellow pixel to RGB.
Sharp’s future-proof Quattron Pro TVs can deliver 2.5 times the resolution of Full HD. This means, Quattron Pro TVs can display content – including 4K content – at a higher resolution than any other Full HD TV model, so you will be ready to enjoy ultra-high resolution even before it becomes widely available. Quattron Pro TVs make all content sharper and more vivid, thanks to Sharp’s powerful and unique Upscaler technology, which converts Full HD or lower-resolution sources to up to 4K.
TVs with Quattron Pro burst with brightness and over a billion shades of true-to-life colour, particularly noticeable in the reproduction of gold and yellow, green and blue, and brown tones. Colours appear even brighter and more natural, for instance making nature documentaries a truly immersive experience.
Sharp’s Aquos TVs with Quattron Pro will be available in Europe in Spring 2014.
At CES, Sharp USA showcases its complete 2014 Full HD to Ultra-HD AQUOS TV range, including models offering resolutions from 1080p up to 4K Ultra HD, which will launch in Europe later in 2014. In addition, Sharp exhibits exciting new IGZO applications and innovative wireless audio technologies, proving that Sharp as inventor for society continues to innovate.
Last, for the first time in the United States, Sharp is showcasing an 85” screen size 8K glasses-free 3D TV prototype, in partnership with Phillips and Dolby.
“We all want to see more. More details, more depth, more color. Sharp is showcasing a range of innovative display technologies at CES 2014 that are paving the way to the high resolution future,” said Toshiyuki Osawa, CEO and Chairman of Sharp Electronics Corporation. “From 8K glasses-free 3D, Quattron + (Quattron Pro in Europe), to IGZO, Sharp is demonstrating high resolution display options that are revolutionizing viewing both today and in the future.” news sample




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