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Sharp air-conditioners feature compact construction, elegant design and ultra-quiet operation. Apart from these standard features, Sharp air-conditioners are equipped with Plasmacluster Ion (PCI) generator that actively purifies the air.Muscat air-conditioning & Electronics LLC : SHARP

Plasmacluster ion technology is a worldwide patented technology of Sharp. The PCI generator releases positive and negative ions into the air. These ions are diffused through the room surrounding air-borne allergens, bacteria, moulds and viruses converting hydrogen molecules in their surface proteins into water and thus destroying them. The plasmacluster ions are similar to the positive and negative ions found in nature.

Benefits of Plasmacluster Ion technology:

  • Cleans the air to help you beat allergies

  • Helps asthma and bronchitis sufferers

  • Cleans the air of ordour and foul smell including cigarette smell

  • Breaks down suspended viruses


The effectiveness of Sharp’s innovative plasmacluster ion technology has been tested by several reputed independent institutions world-wide like:

  • Harvard School of Public Health, USA

  • Ishikawa Health Service Association, Japan

  • Shanghai Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention, China

  • Kitasato Research Center of Environmental Sciences, Japan

  • CT&T, Aachen University of Applied Science, Germany

  • Kitasato Institute, Medical Center Hospital, Japan

  • University of Lubeck, Germany

  • Graduate School of Advanced Sciences of Matter, Hiroshima University, Japan

  • Asthma Society of Canada

  • Seoul University, Korea

  • Retroscreen Virology, Ltd., London, UK

  • Osaka City University Medical School.


Sharp air-conditioners not only cool your home and office but also gives you a cleaner and crisper air for healthier living. “On an average you breathe 23,040 times a day, let every breath be of ‘super purified air’,” said Jayan Menon the Deputy General Manager of Muscat Air-Conditioning & Electronics LLC. Muscat air-conditioning & electronics LLC(MACE) is the distributor for Sharp brand of consumer electronics and home appliances in the Sultanate of Oman.



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