Sharp introduces Premium French-door Refrigerator


Design has swept through every single house- hold and, just like all other rooms in the home, the kitchen is no exception. The item that takes up the most amount of room is, without a doubt, the fridge. This led Sharp to put its best designers to work on its latest models.Muscat air-conditioning & Electronics LLC : SHARP

To cater to the growing need for well designed, large-size and eco-friendly refrigera- tors, Muscat Air-conditioning & Electronics LLC (MACE), the official distributor for Sharp range of consumer electronics and home appliances in the Sultanate of Oman has launched the premium range of French-door refrigerator, the SJ-FS85V. With its refined curves and contemporary style, it will fit right in every kitchen, whatever the surroundings.

It doesn't just come down to aesthetics and large capacity for the new French-door refrigerator from Sharp – it also incorporates a new exclusive range of technology. With more than 50 years of experience in the refrigera- tion industry, Sharp continues to innovate:

  • Plasma-Cluster Ion, a revolutionary technology that makes your fridge more hygienic. A positive and negative ion generator kicks in each time the door is closed, restricting the growth of bacteria and moisture. This helps keep food fresher for longer and preserves their nutrients and freshness. And as the icing on the cake, the ions even get rid of bad odours.
  • No Frost, a column of ventilated cold air circulates within the fridge and freezer compartment, ensuring optimum circula- tion of cold air. The result is a consistent temperature in each compartment, preventing the build-up of frost.
  • Hybrid Cooling uses an aluminium plate at the back of the fridge that is cooled to 0°C to restore moisture in the compart- ment. It thereby allows a gentle and humid refrigeration to prevent even the most susceptible food from drying out, so that they keep their appearance and taste intact for longer, without having to be covered.

The SJ-FS85 also features an automatic ice dispenser. It also distinguishes itself from other products with its touch control panel. The SJ-FP85V boasts a silvered or black glass front.

The product is as elegant as can be, as it is well designed and models a style that makes it simply irresistible. This refrigerator is not just a must-have any more– it has become part and parcel of interior design.

Thanks to this new environmentally-friendlier French –door refrigerator, Sharp has success- fully retained its environmental rating –A+, even with a large capacity. Once again, Sharp has demonstrated its passion for products that are better for the environment.



Muscat air-conditioning & Electronics LLC : SHARP - 20/05/2014
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